University of the Witwatersrand wits Undergraduate Courses

University of the Witwatersrand wits Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Studies

The Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management (CLM) offers several undergraduate degrees, namely: BAccSc, BCom and BEconSc across its three undergraduate schools: School of Accounting (SOA), School of Economic and Business Sciences (SEBS) and School of Law (SOL).

SEBS offers courses towards all three of the CLM undergraduate degrees, as all three degrees require students to take first year courses in Economics. Students studying towards the BAccSc degree also take an elective offered by SEBS.

The main undergraduate teaching focus for SEBS is the BCom degree.

The BCom is offered as a double-major general degree with the choice of majors from a variety of disciplines within SEBS, SOA or SOL, or with one major chosen from another faculty.  This provides both structure and flexibility, and caters to a wide range of interests and potential careers.  Several specialised BCom degrees are also offered: BCom (Information Systems), BCom (Law) and BCom (Politics, Philosophy and Economics – PPE).

All BCom degrees require first year courses in Economics, Accountancy, Law, Computational Mathematics, Business Statistics and Information Systems.  Some of these are full year courses, while others are one semester (a half year) long.  From second year onwards, students elect their majors from either the SEBS disciplines: Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Insurance and Risk Management, Management and Human Resource Management, and Marketing, or from majors such as Accountancy, Taxation, Auditing, Law or selective approved majors from other faculties.  Faculty or academic staff are available to assist you in planning your choice of majors for your degree.

The BEconSc degree is a more mathematically focused degree that has a major in Economics together with a mathematical science major.  The entrance requirements are higher than those for the BCom.  The BEconSc degree is seen as a specialist degree and focuses on building strong analytical abilities for graduates wishing to work in fields like economics, actuarial science or other business analytics fields.